Throughout his life in Gloucester, Joseph E. Garland advocated for a fully engaged citizenry in order to preserve the City’s integrity, authenticity, and transparency as a truly democratic community. Joe recognized that Gloucester’s very culture was at risk in the face of its changing socio-economic landscape, and, through his writing and advocacy, he provided a community conscience for Gloucester’s history and heritage. The Garland Gloucester Heritage Project arises from the intention of Garland family members to extend the reach of the important values embraced by Joe in this most urgent time, and for future generations.

Mission and Vision:

The Garland Gloucester Heritage Project’s essential mission is to honor Gloucester’s history, culture, and natural environment by ensuring that diverse voices are discovered and heard through dialogue, literature & the arts. By providing support to Gloucester programs that advance democratic principles, historic awareness, environmental stewardship and community engagement, the Garland Gloucester Heritage Project will ensure that the values embraced by Joe Garland remain vibrant, contributing to a just and transparent society and a healthy planet.

Project Structure & Priorities:

The Garland Gloucester Heritage Project is a fiscal-sponsored, grant-funded project beginning in 2017 to exist for a minimum of five (5) years. The project’s duration will depend on its success, momentum and future funding by additional revenue sources. Administered by a Director, governed by an Executive Board, and counseled by an Advisory Council, the Garland Gloucester Heritage Project will consider invited proposals to provide funding support for new and existing projects that align with its mission.

Proposals must fall within the following broad topic areas:

• Democracy and transparency
• Gloucester’s history and maritime heritage
• Youth and civic engagement
• Environmental preservation and conservation
• Gloucester/Cape Ann arts and culture
• Civic agency and collective action
• Climate and community resilience
• Media and an informed and engaged electorate
• WWII and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

GGHP Objectives:

• Raise awareness of democratic principles critical to today’s societal and political challenges
• Provide a voice to preserve what is quintessentially Gloucester
• Engender civic engagement by youth and future leaders
• Provide specific contributions toward building a healthier planet
• Raise awareness and seek solutions for military veteran issues such as PTSD
• Create transparency in media and public relations
• Translate important socio-political issues through literature and the arts


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