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Unknown Soldiers: Reliving WWII in Europe Protean Press. 2008. - Now available at

The Fish and the Falcon . The History Press. 1998, 2006.

Bear of the Sea. Retitled paperback edition of That Great Pattillo. Commonwealth Editions. Beverly, MA. May 2001.

Adventure . The Curious Traveler Press. Gloucester. 2000.

Eastern Point: A Nautical, Rustical and More or Less Sociable Chronicle of Gloucester's Outer Shield and Inner Sanctum, 1606�1990. Dublin, NH. 1971. Commonwealth Editions. Beverly, MA. 1999.

The North Shore: A Social History of Summers Among the Noteworthy, Fashionable, Rich, Eccentric and Ordinary on Boston's Gold Coast, 1820�1929. Commonwealth Editions. Beverly, MA. 1998.

Beam Reach: Further Voyaging in the Gloucester Daily Times with Other Miscellaneous Musings, 1951 to 1997. The Curious Traveler Press. Gloucester, MA. 1997.

Gloucester on the Wind: America's Greatest Fishing Port in the Days of Sail. Arcadia. Dover, NH. 1995.

Beating to Windward: A Voyage in the Gloucester Daily Times Through the Stormy Years from 1967 to 1973. The Curious Traveler Press. Gloucester, MA. 1995.

Eastern Point Revisited: Then and Now, 1889�1989. Association of Eastern Point Residents. Gloucester, MA. 1989.

To Meet These Wants: The Story of Rhode Island Hospital 1863�1988. Rhode Island Hospital. 1988.

Adventure: Queen of the Windjammers. Down East Books. Camden, ME. 1985.

Down to the Sea: The Fishing Schooners of Gloucester. 1983. Godine. Paperback edition, June 2000.

The Centennial History of the Boston Medical Library 1875�1975. Boston Medical Library. 1975.

The Gloucester Guide: A Retrospective Ramble. Gloucester 350th Anniversary Celebration. Gloucester, MA. 1973.

Lone Voyager (biography of Howard Blackburn of Gloucester). Little, Brown. 1963.

To Meet These Wants: The Story of the Rhode Island Hospital 1863�1963. Rhode Island Hospital. Providence, RI. 1963.

Every Man Our Neighbor: A Brief History of the Massachusetts General Hospital 1811�1961. Little, Brown. Boston, MA. 1961.

An Experiment in Medicine: A History of the Pratt-New England Center Hospital. Riverside Press. Cambridge, MA. 1960.


Praise of Joe Garland's most recent work, Unknown Soldiers: Reliving WWII in Europe :

�This intense memoir lands readers in the middle of WWII ... a clear, unflinching panorama of the mundane and the horrific.�
Publishers Weekly

�He presents a perspective that the parents and loved ones of the common foot soldier might have received from war journalist Ernie Pyle or cartoonist Bill Mauldin, a perspective that has been buried under the broad scope of history and is rapidly vanishing from our ranks with an aging generation.�
�Mark Hvidsten, the Star Tribune

�One reviewer called Unknown Soldiers a �masterpiece;' another said it is an �incredible journalistic monument.' It is all those things. And more.�
WWII History Magazine

�His writing is highly engaging and shares the story of the 45th and its 511 days in combat and four amphibious landings, providing an excellent narrative history of the division during World War II, as well as a personal reckoning. A must have for any World War II collection, especially those focusing on war memoirs.�
�Patti C. McCall, Library Journal

�Garland's journals come to life revealing extraordinary detail of his every thought, fear and dream in an eloquent and wise voice. At times gut-wrenching�at other times humorous and always poignant, Unknown Soldiers is a wonderfully insightful narrative into our nation's history and the price of freedom paid by young people in uniform.�
�Senator John Kerry

Praise of Garland's earlier works:

On Lone Voyager : �Brings alive the struggles of the Gloucester men at seas in the era of fishing under sail like no other book I've ever read ... A wonderful, beautifully written book.�
�Sebastian Junger, Author, The Perfect Storm

�One of the most remarkable feats of survival in the history of seafaring....It is one for all whose interest runs to the never-ending conflict between man and the sea.�
�Henry Beetle Hough, The New York Times Book Review

On The North Shore [of Boston]: �Garland is the definitive historian of the North Shore. This book should be on every shelf from Revere to Ipswich.�
�John Updike, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author


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