Books by Joe Garland

Many are currently available for purchase; links are provided as appropriate.

Unknown Soldiers: Reliving WWII in Europe Protean Press. 2008. - Now available at

The Fish and the Falcon . The History Press. 1998, 2006. Available on

Bear of the Sea. Retitled paperback edition of That Great Pattillo. Commonwealth Editions. Beverly, MA. May 2001. Available on

Adventure . The Curious Traveler Press. Gloucester. 2000.

Eastern Point: A Nautical, Rustical and More or Less Sociable Chronicle of Gloucester's Outer Shield and Inner Sanctum, 16061990. Dublin, NH. 1971. Commonwealth Editions. Beverly, MA. 1999. Available on

The North Shore: A Social History of Summers Among the Noteworthy, Fashionable, Rich, Eccentric and Ordinary on Boston's Gold Coast, 18201929. Commonwealth Editions. Beverly, MA. 1998. Available on

Beam Reach: Further Voyaging in the Gloucester Daily Times with Other Miscellaneous Musings, 1951 to 1997. The Curious Traveler Press. Gloucester, MA. 1997.

Gloucester on the Wind: America's Greatest Fishing Port in the Days of Sail. Arcadia. Dover, NH. 1995. Available on

Beating to Windward: A Voyage in the Gloucester Daily Times Through the Stormy Years from 1967 to 1973. The Curious Traveler Press. Gloucester, MA. 1995.

Eastern Point Revisited: Then and Now, 18891989. Association of Eastern Point Residents. Gloucester, MA. 1989.

To Meet These Wants: The Story of Rhode Island Hospital 18631988. Rhode Island Hospital. 1988.

Adventure: Queen of the Windjammers. Down East Books. Camden, ME. 1985.

Down to the Sea: The Fishing Schooners of Gloucester. 1983. Godine. Paperback edition, June 2000.

The Centennial History of the Boston Medical Library 18751975. Boston Medical Library. 1975.

The Gloucester Guide: A Retrospective Ramble. Gloucester 350th Anniversary Celebration. Gloucester, MA. 1973.

Lone Voyager (biography of Howard Blackburn of Gloucester). Little, Brown. 1963. Available on

To Meet These Wants: The Story of the Rhode Island Hospital 18631963. Rhode Island Hospital. Providence, RI. 1963.

Every Man Our Neighbor: A Brief History of the Massachusetts General Hospital 18111961. Little, Brown. Boston, MA. 1961.

An Experiment in Medicine: A History of the Pratt-New England Center Hospital. Riverside Press. Cambridge, MA. 1960.

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